Sunday Services: Prayer (12:00 pm), Worship (1:00 pm)
  • Ethiopian Evangelical Church Allen
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Welcome to Ethiopian Evangelical Church Allen

Our mission is to be and to share the Good news of Jesus Christ, witnessing, loving, and serving from our doorsteps “to the ends of the earth.” -Acts 1:8

Church Activities and Announcement

▶ Weekly Services

  • Friday 
    • 7:00pm-9:00pm የጉባኤ ጸሎት አለን
  • Sunday
    • 12:00pm-1:00pm Prayer (የጉባኤ ጸሎት ፕሮግራም)
    • 1:00pm-3:15pm Service (መደበኛው የአምልኮ ፕሮግራም)
  • Youth Services
    • Friday: 7:00pm Bible Study
    • EECA Youth Group Bible Study Every Friday 7:00 pm

▶ Bible Study Group

  • Monday – Thursday 
  • Saturday- Sunday 
    • የመጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ጥናት ቡድን በቤተ ክርስቲያናችን አርብን ሳይጨምር ከሰኞ
    • እስከ እሁድ በተለያዩ ሰዓታት የሚኖር የመጽሐፍ ቅዱስ ጥናት ቡድን አለ።
  • Call 214-881-4496 ለተጨማሪ መረጃ

▶ Women’s Ministry Fellowship

(የእህቶች ሕብረት):
First Saturday of the Month at 6:00pm – in person meeting

▶Cities Fellowship

(የአካባቢ ሕብረት):

በየወሩ ሁለተኛው ቅዳሜ የአካባቢ ኅብረት ይደረጋል።

▶ Men’s Ministry Fellowship

(የወንድሞች ሕብረት):
በየወሩ በሦስተኛው ቅዳሜ(Third Saturday) በ 9፡00am የወንድሞች
የጸሎትና የቁርስ ፕሮግራም ይኖረናል።

Past Sermons


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